ICT Educators NSW offers an opportunity for sponsors to connect with a highly engaged community of educators and school leaders across primary, secondary and tertiary institutions from both Government and Non-Government education sectors. We are a not-for-profit professional teachers association and sponsorship enables us to provide equitable professional development, support and mentoring to our broad member base. Conference sponsorship enables our partners to interact and converse directly with their target market and demonstrate their support and commitment in promoting quality technology education.

Align your brand with NSW ICT Educators and their members at their annual conference and strengthen your company’s ties with the industry. 

Download the ICTENSW2017 Prospectus. Further inquiries can be made by contacting:

The Secretary (secretary[at]ictensw.org.au)

The generous support of our sponsors has enabled ICT Educators NSW to facilitate a premier event aimed at supporting teachers in their pursuit of quality technology education for their schools.  



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